Staying Connected. Staying Vigilant - Latah Valley meeting September 28th

Author: Adam Marshall - uncategorized - Sept. 16, 2023

Staying Connected. Staying Vigilant - Latah Valley meeting September 28th
A lot has transpired since CALV held a meeting with Latah Valley residents in late spring. We are overdue to meet, so please make the time to attend.

Latah Valley Residents Meeting (hosted by CALV)
Thursday, September 28th
St. John's Lutheran Church
5810 S. Meadowlane

Though a lot has taken place since meeting in late spring very little has advanced regarding the infrastructure needs for the Latah Valley. What has happened though is that the development community has been more vocal in downplaying the benefits of a moratorium all the while driving full speed ahead with development proposals with no plan or stated intention to address the infrastructure needs beyond what they are mandated to do. Adding more and more homes to the Latah Valley with no infrastructure improvements is akin to adding fuel to a dangerous fire, and no amount of rhetoric that ignores infrastructure before development will alter that reality.

It's up to us to keep up the pressure on the city to take action here. The action is not a moratorium as an end goal but as a common-sense starting point to really address the planning and funding shortfalls needed for the Latah Valley. AND to keep the residents of Latah Valley SAFE!


A moratorium is not a social statement but a legal way for cities to act when public safety is threatened.
A moratorium can last for more than 6 months by a council vote and public comment.
The last moratorium established a Latah Valley district for traffic impact fees so the money collected stays in the Valley.
Impact fees pay for future development and cannot be used to fix current deficiencies or operational expenses.
There are NO impact fees for fire, schools, parks, public transportation, or community centers. Increased Development will not contribute to these services.
There are three candidates running for office - Lisa Brown, Betsy Wilkerson, and Paul Dillion - that agree and are ready to support the moratorium and the work that will come from having a moratorium in place.

It really is time again for a moratorium. US 195 has always been the main issue but after this summer, the need to address and FIX fire protection and evacuation is very clear. Yet once again, replacing Fire Station 5 will continue to remain unfunded on the capital facilities draft six-year plan 2024-2029. Fire, roads, schools, public transportation, environmental protection, and so on, the list of critical needs is long for the Latah Valley. Email, call, write the mayor and city council....let them know we need a solution and until they can find one, a moratorium should be adopted.

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