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The Latah Valley is a unique, special, and attractive area of the city of Spokane with a deep geologic and human history. The Latah Valley is home to people who deeply appreciate the attributes and treasures of conveniences to downtown/airport balanced with a rural feel, active farming, and a vibrant wildlife corridor home to moose, deer, coyote, osprey, bald eagle, and many other creatures.

Despite what should be protected, preserved, and a wisely planned for evolution of this area, the Latah Valley is under tremendous pressure by the City of Spokane and development interests whose pursuits are threatening not only the integrity and specialness of this area but literally the lives of the people and wildlife who call the Latah Valley home.

Latah Valley deserves to be protected!

Call to Action

The call-to-action is straightforward, Citizen Action for Latah Valley and its partners/supporters are calling on the city council and mayor of Spokane to adopt a moratorium on major development in the Latah Valley until comprehensive planning can be undertaken and funding sources identified for needed infrastructure. Please call on the mayor and city council to adopt a moratorium on major development in the Latah Valley!

Why is a moratorium needed for Latah Valley?

  1. Current roadway infrastructure can not handle traffic loads safely through Latah Valley
  2. Near term projected roadway improvements will take time to implement and are not designed to be long term solutions
  3. Latah Valley lacks adequate fire department services
  4. Latah Valley lacks adequate police department services
  5. Latah Valley has NO public transportation
  6. Latah Valley has NO public library
  7. Latah Valley has NO schools
  8. Latah Valley has NO safe walking/biking routes connecting to other parts of the city
  9. Latah Valley has NO community center
  10. Proposed development will NOT be affordable (to most people in Spokane) or low income

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