Declaring a Better Future for the Latah Valley - May 18th @ 6pm

Author: Adam Marshall - uncategorized - May 12, 2023

On May 18th the residents of the Latah Valley and supporters of Citizen Action for Latah Valley will be signing off on the Latah Valley Declaration. It's time we get even louder in demanding the future we want and calling out the critical issues that have and will make this area dangerous and undesirable if deep changes don't occur.

We demand better!

Citizen Action for Latah Valley
Neighbors and Supporters Meeting
Thursday, May18th at 6pm,
St. John’s Lutheran Church
5810 E Meadowlane. 

We'll also cover other items at the May 18th meeting including legal options and keeping up the pressure to get the city enact a new moratorium (see the meeting agenda below).
CALV financial update + call for donations!
Latah Valley Declaration - discussion and vote
Report from Councilwoman Betsy Wilkerson
Water report from Ken VanVoorhis
Legal options that are on the table
June meeting of the all the players
Moratorium, Moratorium, Moratorium - how to keep common sense alive?

Please email the mayor, city council, fire department, and state legislators.  Call for a moratorium because of the following safety issues:

Areas operating below/failing level of service requirements

US195 multiple intersections operating LOS F (failing).   
Fire Station #5 – temporary, directed to have been replaced by 2020 per hearing examiners decision.  2023 was the first year it appeared on the capital facilities plan but is unfunded.  Latah valley identified as underserved in multiple areas.                
Parks – 2022 adopted master plan shows multiple areas in Latah Valley as underserved and operating below LOS.                     
Water – Multiple infrastructure deficiencies with boosters, reservoirs and pipes
And more development will make the issues even more dangerous!


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