May 1st Recap - NEXT meeting MAY 18th

Author: Adam Marshall - uncategorized - May 5, 2023

Thank you all for coming on Monday night for our neighborhood meeting. Lisa Brown (mayoral candidate), Paul Dillon, Cyndi Donahue, and Katey Treloar ( City Council candidates for District #2) came to listen and speak to the group. We also heard comments from the Fire Chief, Fire Marshal, and County Commissioner. It was such a great conversation that we have decided to have another meeting on Thursday, May18th at 6pm, St John’s Lutheran Church 5810 E Meadowlane.

Here are the facts……….

2867 homes in the permitting process for Latah Valley (17 different developments)
Areas operating below/failing level of service requirements

1. US195 multiple intersections operating LOS F(failing). 2021 SRTC study
2. Fire Station #5 – temporary, should have been replaced by 2020 per hearing examiners decision. 2023 was the first year it appeared on the capital facilities plan but is unfunded. Latah valley identified as underserved in multiple areas. 2017 Fire LOS study Hearing examiners results
3. Parks – 2022 adopted master plan shows multiple areas in Latah Valley as underserved and operating below LOS. Parks Master Plan
4. Water – Multiple deficiencies - Eagle Ridge 1, Eagle Ridge II, Cedar Hills and the Qualchan Low. The following projects need to be completed before new construction. Water Plan pg 587

o Qualchan Booster Station
o Qualchan Twin Tanks
o 18” connector Pipe between Qualchan Tank and Eagle Ridge Tank
o Eagle Ridge Tank
o 24” pipe Extension from Eagle Ridge to Qualchan Low Area


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