City Council Meeting Mar 13th

Author: Adam Marshall - uncategorized - March 11, 2023

Infrastructure Before Development!
City Council Meeting Monday Mar 13th

On Monday, the council will do the first read of the impact fee ordinance. It would be great to get 5-10 people to testify. The city council need to hear from you! CALV is recommending that you relay the following:
· Make the Latah Valley its own impact fee district (Option 7)
· Apply the highest impact fees allowable for the West Plains and Latah Valley districts
· Do not allow impact fees to be phased in
The development moratorium for the Latah Valley is set to expire. CALV finds that unacceptable. Though work has been done in the area of transportation impact fees the following items have not be addressed and in most cases not even discussed:

· Impact fees for schools, parks, and fire
· Construction of an adequate Latah Valley based fire station
· Coordinated planning for schools, parks, and public transportation
· Coordinated comprehensive planning for the future of Latah Valley
· Fixing existing transportation issues
· Addressing the future of water for the Latah Valley
· Considerations for a community center, library, preserving farmland & wild spaces
5pm – 6pm Sign up to speak on the ordinance. (This is different than open forum and you get 3 minutes, no limit on how many can speak and phone in comments are allowed)
Speak or just be there to show support!
If you have questions, please email or call and RSVP so we can get an idea of how many people are attending
We need everyone to come together, share ideas, & move effective action protect the Latah Valley!


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