City Council Rally Mar 6th 5-6pm

Author: Adam Marshall - uncategorized - March 2, 2023

Infrastructure Before Development!
“City Council Rally” Monday Mar 6th @ 5pm

Citizen Action for Latah Valley is inviting ALL residents from Grandview Thorpe, Vinegar Flats, Eagle Ridge, Qualchan Hills, Overlook at Qualchan, Talon Ridge, and others from across the city to make it known that development before infrastructure will be devastating for Spokane.

1. 5pm - Rally by City Hall - Meet outside the Mobius Discovery Center, 331 N Post 99201, across from the skating ribbon at Riverfront Park

** If you plan to speak, sign up @ 5pm to speak at the council meeting **

2. 6pm – Speak up with common sense/your own two-cents: City Council meeting (open forum is the first event. You get two mins to talk and only 15 people get to talk.)

● Please include extending the current moratorium or creating a new one.
● You must sign up for the public comment period between 5-6pm.

Speak or just be there to show support!
If you have questions please email or call
We need everyone to come together, share ideas, & move effective action protect the Latah Valley!


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